29. Kordad – Tag 547 – Shahre Qeseh

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Montag 19.06.2017

Kheshtsar – Mahmudabad

Tagesstrecke: 10 km

Gesamt: 5.222 km











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  1. Rainer Schinzel
    Juli 02, 2017

    Dear Shahin,
    Greetings from Hannover . Best wishes from Germany. Say Greetings to Teheran, when you get there. I travelled there when I was young – in 1966 – hitchhiking. In Turkey I was given a lift by an Iranian , Abbas Rouzegari from Teheran, who then invited me to stay at his home in Teheran, with his family. It was a nice stay, I went to Persepolis, Isfahan and Shiraz from there by bus, returned to Teheran and travelled further to Mashad and even further on to Afghanistan.
    Although it was a great experience to stay with this Teheran family, I never managed to have contact with them later on.
    May I ask you a favor? Could you look up in a Teheran Address book / Phonebook if the Rouzegari family still lives there?
    Their address in 1966 was: Teheran Pars , Shirine Street 26 (I think) They had 2 daughters , a little bit younger than me then ( I was 20 at the time I was there as a guest) The daughters went to high school learning French which I didn’t speak at this time.
    It would be nice to get a message from you from Teheran.
    Have a safe journey, Greetings

    • shahin
      Dezember 20, 2017

      Sorry ! i see it now

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